Adidas Men’s AdiPower Weightlift Shoes Review

Adidas Men's AdiPower Weightlift Shoes Review

Weightlifting shoes are specially manufactured to help weightlifters improve their performance. Thanks to recent innovations in technology, there are too many models available to suit individual needs of today's weightlifters.

Hence, one of the most important decisions a weightlifter has to make is to choose the right kind of shoes. Adidas's AdiPower ​is the latest innovation in weightlifting shoes. The brand manufactures these shoes for weightlifters and athletes.

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These shoes suit the requirements of a competitor weightlifter. AdiPowers presents a fine blend of durability and maximum support and durability in the form of a breathable and comfortable shoe. Product highlights:

  • Polyurethane-coated leather upper
  • Single-instep strap
  • ​Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • ​Tough TPU midsole for a perfect foothold
  • Adjustable strap for rear foot support
  • Available colors: Tech Grey Metallic/ Black/Core White
  • Lightweight polymer Torsion Heel system
  • Textile lining and outsole openings for minimal moisture and optimal comfort
  • ​Incredible lightweight stability
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole
  • ​Vent Flow openings for added comfort

Thanks to its remarkable specifications, the Adidas AdiPower ranks among the top weightlifting shoes, the brand has ever created. One of the most impressive things about the model is that it was among the first ones to utilize a full TPU heel. In addition to that, the shoes were also a hit because of its trendy and functional design.

Features And Benefits

Attention to significant details makes these shoes starkly different from other models that offer little or no comfort to weightlifters. The PU coated rubber increases the shoe's ventilation, flexibility, and durability. Moreover, Adidas utilized a weightlifting-engineered framework with a sturdy TPU heel for more stability.

A decreased strap count (from three to one) adds to the popularity of this model. Weightlifters emphasize on wearing the right kind of weightlifting shoes that offer the right mix of flexibility and support. They greatly help in hoisting heavy weights, part in and around the ankle.

This reason is why weightlifters observe that these shoes come up higher on the foot than conventional running shoes do as well as offer added support. Thanks to the flexibility of these shoes, you get more movement and comfort during exercises such as lunges and squats.

Adidas Men’s AdiPower Weightlift Shoe Back Side

Our Rating

Owing to its hi-tech built and support, AdiPower for men has successfully eliminated the occurrences of knee injuries during a tough lifting session. These breathable shoes are hugely popular for their support, flexibility, and durability.

It also features a pleasing design which makes it a valuable addition to any weight lifter’s equipment. The AdiPower weightlifting shoes have transformed the manufacturing process of shoes for athletes and weightlifters. One of the best things about this model is that it offers not just support and flexibility but also durability for prolonged use.

The Adidas AdiPowers weigh just about 16.2 oz. Although they are a little heavier than their competitors such as the Nike Romaleos 3’s, the shoes are lighter than many other popular ones such as the Reebok Legacy Lifters.

This Adidas model brings optimal convenience and maximum comfort to weightlifters. These flexible shoes offer many benefits to athletes; they are also popular as a beneficial accessory to accompany your workouts.

The Adidas AdiPowers has now become one of the brand’s most popular lifting shoes to hit the market. Buyers find them a hybrid of the Adidas PowerLift and the Adidas Leistung models. Moreover, they paved the way for the company’s use of popularized TPU heel.

The solid thermoplastic polyurethane serves as a lightweight non-compressible material frequently used for its resilience to abrasions. Hence, the heels serve as a solid base to help you feel glued to the floor.

The shoes offer all the benefits that weightlifters look for in a high-end product. The shoes are engineered to become a part of your foot for delivering maximum strength. They also have forefoot flexibility. Click here​ to learn more about the product.

What Others Say

Hundreds of customers who purchased the Adidas Men's AdiPower from Amazon consider it a valuable purchase. Since it ranks among the most expensive of models that are designed to serve weightlifters in particular; they may not be for everyone.

Adidas Men’s AdiPower Weightlift Shoe Soil

However, once you start reaping the benefits of this incredible product, it proves to be one of the best investments you can make to buy a durable, flexible and high-performance weightlifting shoes. A few reviewers find the shoes easier to wear and take off.

Buyers are happy to choose their desired colors from a wide range of colors. With a trendy design, the shoes deliver an impeccable performance and feature the latest technologies. Buyers report increased performance levels and fewer injuries while using these shoes for their weight lifting pursuits.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for extreme weightlifting shoes that offer durability, flexibility and tremendous support to avoid unexpected injuries, the Adidas Men's AdiPower​ is the ideal product to choose. Polyurethane-coated leather upper and a breathable air mesh fabric allow you to stay cool throughout your workout or a heavy-duty weight-lifting session.

To reap the complete benefits of this innovative shoe model, make sure you find the right size to fit your foot length. Buying the wrong size may not deliver the kind of performance you expect.

The Adidas AdiPower’s price ranges start from $56 and go up to $230. Customers may find older models for $125.00. Although they are a little expensive than other traditional weightlifting shoes, they are designed for a competitive performance to push your limits. Interested buyers benefit from a speedy shipping service if they place their order through Amazon.

Final Verdict

The Adidas AdiPower is designed to serve all the needs and preferences of a competitive weightlifter. The model offers excellent stability and maximum support for a good and solid grip.

Adidas Men’s AdiPower Weightlift Shoes


Since they offer maximum support; they are also a perfect pair of shoes to wear during a rigorous workout. The heel overlay guarantees superb lightweight stability, and the anti-slip rubber outsole helps you to avoid injuries. To buy the product now, click here.

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